Priests in Tech

Tech.koe is a community calling for Christians deep in tech, who hunger and thirst for deeper faith. Jesus made us a Kingdom and His people priests. As Christians whom God placed in the tech industry, you are a Priest-in-Tech.

What does that mean?

God-sized dreams and Divine Partnership

As #PriestsInTech, we have the privilege as Kingdom priests, our Abba Father's beloved children, to have God-sized dreams, accepting His invitation into a divine partnership. Our Father's Heart's desire is to do immeasurably more, than we can ever hope for or imagine in our lives in tech, so that His glory will radiate His Church, draw others to Him, and inspires generations to come.

Divine Wisdom and Co-creation with God

As Priests in Tech, our Abba Father has granted us, His children of the Kingdom, access to His Divine Wisdom, so that we have the privilege to co-create with God. #PriestsInTech bring heavenly solutions to earthly problems that can turn eyes and point others to the glory of God.

About the Speaker

Joanna Ng, founder of an AI start-up since July 2018 specialized in augmented cognition and intelligent virtual assistants. Prior to that, Joanna worked for IBM, and started as a compiler software engineer. She held a seven-year tenure as the Head of Research for IBM Canada CAS. Joanna also attained the accreditation of IBM Master Inventor and received 44 patent grants with 12 more pending. She co-authored 2 computer science books and published 20+ peer-reviewed papers. 


As an innovator and technologist, Joanna most enjoys the process of co-creating with God in her work. In January 2019, Joanna founded KOE ministry (, with the passion to disciple Christians in the marketplace with a KOE (Kingdom on Earth) mindset (in what we do, at where we’re sent). She spoke at Lausanne’s 2019 Global Workplace Forum in the Philippines and was recently featured by Christianity Today in Feb, 2020