Seek Kingdom Impact:
In what we do, at where we're sent 


Christians in TECH across nations

  • Arise to our role as Priests-in-tech for God’s Kingdom

  • Shine His glory on earth in what we do, at where we’re sent in tech

  • Tell our faith stories as priests-in-tech to impact nations and generations


so others may 

  • believe Jesus is the Messiah

  • have life to the full in His name

[Isaiah 60:1-3, Revelation 1:6,5:10, 1 Peter 2:9, John 20:31]


TECH.KOE Ministry equips Christians in tech across nations and forms like-minded communities to seek Kingdom impact in the tech world, in what we do, at where we’re sent 


We offer:

  • Priests-in-Tech Discipleship programs

Train Christians in TECH to live in Spirit power that radiates His glory, to join God’s heart and hand in the tech industry, allowing Him to do immeasurably more in and through us, so our faith stories in Him attract others to believe in Jesus and have life in Him.

  • Priests-in-Tech Faith-building life groups

We journey together in prayer and fellowship groups as priests-in-tech communities, building up one another to arise and shine, sharing our faith stories together

  • Faith-sharing conferences and digital platforms for Priests-in-Tech

We tell our faith stories so others too may have life to the full in Christ


  • Worship Jesus as our Lord and first love as the highest priority  

  • Operate in the power of the Spirit through prayer

  • Seek God’s Kingdom, glory and honor in everything

  • Live by the Word of God

  • Unit in one Spirit and in love

Arise and Shine: Life in Christ is so much more!