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In Face of JOB Security

Joanna Ng    Updated June 16, 2020

June 16, 2020

The COVID-19 has shaken job security to its core. Many have been laid off because of the economic shut down for social distancing. Businesses are forced to close due to insufficient funding to sustain expenses without revenue. Many start-ups are put on hold as investors are financially struggling due to the market downturn. If there is a ground anyone can stand on for job security, the ground has been shaken by a large-scale earthquake and cracked open.

Five years have passed since I wrote the original blog entry on “Job Insecurity”. My career has since taken a few sharp turns. It is amazing that the three points I laid out in the original entry become more relevant than ever. I need to speak the truth I wrote five years ago to my own soul: 

  • Grow faith to rid fear

  • Fix eyes on what is unseen, not what is seen

  • Arise to step into our priestly anointing

Times of trial are KOE (Kingdom on Earth) moments for faith upgrade, as God is asking, “Do you trust Me and Me alone, or would you let your situation define who I am to you?”

God’s Word said, “the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” 1 Peter 2:6 and Isaiah 28:16. Faith moves God’s heart. Instead of praying for jobs and businesses, things our Father knows we need before we open our mouth to ask, pray for God-glorifying testimonies that we can tell our friends and children about the glory and the greatness of our God in this historical season so that people know that HE IS LORD!


April 28, 2015

Being a part of the workforce in today’s economy, we all have to face the harsh reality of job
insecurity. Jobs can be made obsolete by the change of landscape caused by new and emerging technologies that we did not see coming. Unforeseen acquisitions and mergers can shake up jobs we considered unshakable. The fall of stock prices may trigger massive laid-offs.


Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough a cause for job loss regardless of job performance. Even CEOs and senior executives cannot guarantee their own jobs hinged upon business results that they cannot entirely control despite of their positions.

I have often been asked, whether out of curiosity or out of care if my job is “safe”. “Is there such
a thing?” is my frequent response. If my CEO cannot guarantee his/her own job, if no one has a
crystal ball to predict change, what makes my job ‘safe’?


As Christians, sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, followers of Jesus Christ, citizens of His eternal kingdom, we are very much a part of a time like this. How does our spiritual standing shape how we face this?

Grow Faith to Rid Fear

If I associate my worth with my career, if I allow my job to define me, then I put myself in a
vulnerable position to believe that I have everything to lose and invite fear in. Not only do I give
permission to those who don’t have my best interest in mind to determine who I am, but I also become receptive to their measures of me. They are often quite opposite from how my heavenly Father thinks of me. As I let these lies dwell in my heart, they can weigh me down, suffocate my soul and slowly eat me up.

If I associate the supply of my daily needs with my paycheque, I put myself on a ride in a boat
of a raging sea. Like a leak at the bottom, fear rushes in. If worrying about losing my job is the only focus, I would become too overwhelmed to stay afloat and completely lose direction and lose sight of Christ’s divine purpose of putting me there as a part of my destiny.

Rid fear by taking up the shield of faith in order to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one! This is not a matter of will but a matter of humility: by confessing that I can’t and therefore be drawn on my knees to seek a faith that is supernaturally given.

By faith, I proclaim that I am my heavenly Father’s beloved. He has my best interest in mind. He is the One who watches over me and plans my path in life. He is the only source who supplies all of my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. His divine destiny for my life cannot be interrupted by any scheme of man.


Though current situations may seem quite the contrary, when His proclamations over my life come to pass, my life will radiant His glory. Therefore I can rest in the midst of the storm; there is nothing I need to worry about losing, knowing that Jesus is in my boat.

Fix our Eyes on what is Unseen, Not What is seen

If job survival is the only thing I see, and I allow job difficulties and challenges to obsess me, I would lose sight that these are just light and momentary troubles. My fixation and self-absorption would blind me from seeing what the Lord really cares about in my situation. I would have completely forgotten why He, by His divine sovereignty, puts me where I am in the first place.

No amount of effort can open my eyes to the unseen. Only by the mercy of the Holy Spirit would my eyes be opened to see what is hidden beyond the facades: the brokenness behind each difficult colleague; the overwhelming love of our Father and Christ’s compassion upon them; the spiritual battle behind each office conflict and the discernment of what is at stake in the spiritual realm in my work situations.

For each of my workday, Lord, help me to be sensitive and obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit so I can make the most of every opportunity ripe for heavenly harvest. Show me what really matters in eternity in each of my workday.

Arise and Step into Our Priestly Anointing

Do not settle for less. God has a much greater plan for my life than just keeping me employed. Once we agree that it is not about me but about the glory of our God, we are empowered and awaken to the fact that He puts us in our position for such a time as this. Once we start to fix our eyes on Christ in face of our job insecurity, Christ’s compassion for those in similar challenging situations without God gradually grows in our heart, awakening us to our anointing as Kingdom priest in our workplace.

May we step into our priestly calling and seek Him to do what is impossible except by Him. May
we work with the Spirit to preach the gospel, with words but more often without, to bring heavenly richness to the spiritually poor; to heal the brokenhearted; to proclaim liberty to the captives who feel hopelessly trapped by their titles or their positions; to bring hope to the oppressed; to recover sight to spiritual blindness.

May we move in confidence, boldness and courage, to seek His kingdom and His righteousness at our workplace. With our Father goes before us, we play offence in the spiritual realm of our workplaces; to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; to shine light over darkness; to usher in God’s kingdom culture; to overturn the dominance of toxicity and to release blessings and abundance at our workplaces for the glory of His name.

When this phase of my life come to pass, I desire to recount His endless glorious stories of how His kingdom come to my workplace, how God comes in to accomplish only what He can accomplish. Forbid that my recollections over work are filled with regrets over compromises of taking the easy, wide road, and wished I had acted in more faith or said things that I should have said or had taken the risk that I should have taken to seek God’s presence and glory.